Friday, 29 July 2016

Things to try, that put you in a good place within yourself.

When we try and make changes to feel happy, we often read pieces of wisdom that resonate and make us want to live in a new way. For example, to be kind and authentic is a lovely way to live life and if it was a switch we could turn on in each person, the world may be a very different place to live in now. How can a person become kind and authentic all the time? We can carry the intention around with us, but when something goes wrong, or an internal button is pressed from a past blockage, we revert back to the behaviour that we don’t feel so proud of, or that harms us. 

I think most people are lovely, but if you fancy trying something, this is what I'm doing. When you start the day, decide how it will go – don’t control it, just decide you will be kind and true to you, no matter what happens in the outside world. Get up with this frame of mind and then dress kindly to yourself. Smile in the mirror and tell yourself you are worthy of a good day. Imagine in your mind’s eye a kind and authentic day – what would that look like? Then walk around kind and authentic. 

If something or someone comes along that challenge these two feelings, take a deep breath and see the humour in the situation – here you are being kind and authentic and this person/situation has arisen to challenge you. Take the challenge to deal with it through being kind and authentic. If you feel the kindness takes away your authenticity, remember that who you truly are is kind and a part of you that isn’t kind is a habit or response to an earlier hurt. You can be kind and strong. Trying to make your point without hurting anyone is no problem if you consider their feelings during an exchange. 

Be fair and kind and  then you will feel authentic. It really is that simple. Don’t see it as hard work. It is like coming home to a part of you that is your friend and has your best interests at heart. You can still be cheeky and have fun, but not at another person’s expense. You will discover a whole side of yourself that is curious about the world around you and that is non-judgemental and can see the good in most situations. It will feel like coming home. 

As play is always at the heart of this blog - play with it and don't take yourself  too seriously. Try being kind with a twinkle in your eye and a light step. It has definitely worked for me today. How strange that people respond with kindness too  - I think I'm on to something!